Its That Time of Year Again!

Time to crank up your sprinklers, keep your mower blades sharp, and to watch out for insects and diseases that put undue stress on your lawn and plants as they battle through the summer heat. All of your landscape’s plants are fighting to stay healthy as the temperature goes up. Help them take care of themselves by giving them plenty of water and keeping the bugs in check. Aphids and other sucking bugs attack everything with soft tissue, especially your trees and deciduous shrubs. Sucking insects can weaken your trees and let a nasty disease of fungus take hold, threatening the tree’s life. We have conventional and organic methods for dealing with these pests, and we can help you control flies, mosquitos, wasps, yellowjackets, ticks, spiders, and every other bug that tries to spoil your family’s enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Call me, Ken at TLC, and I’ll show you how to stay in charge of your lawn and landscape, relaxing when your outdoors, instead of running from hornets.

Keeping your Lawn Green: The best way to keep your grass green is to cut and fertilize regularly, and train your lawn to thrive on getting watered every other day in the summertime. This year it will be awfully tough to do that; we had three months of almost daily rain, and your lawn is very used to all the water it wanted, whenever it was thirsty. To wean your lawn off daily water, irrigate deeply every other day, then water for a few minutes on the off days. Moscow has an ordinance that says you must only water after 6pm or before 10am. Also watch for windows reflecting bright southern sun onto spots of your lawn, modern windows reflect almost all the heat and light, and can damage your grass in a very short time.

Give us a call at 882-7230 and let me see if I can help you with your lawn’s health. I’m happy to come by and estimate pest control, or to help you out with your sprinkler timer. –Ken

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