Disease Control

Plant disease is often detrimental to your lawn and plants.  Insects and disease are dangerous to your plants and left untreated, can kill the plant they are infecting. 

In our area, for example, the Bronze Birch Borer is a very dangerous pest to all types of birch trees.  A badly infected, untreated tree does not usually live more than ten or twelve years.  If you lose a 40 foot birch tree, it can cost up to $750 to remove, leaving a big gap in your landscape.   Mature trees are irreplaceable, taking decades to grow, and their presence is sorely missed.

In lawns, our area is impacted severely by two very destructive fungi, Necrotic Ring Spot and Fairy Ring.  These fungi destroy your lawn in patches or rings; you can usually see mushrooms growing on the edge of the disease.

Maple and Aspen trees in our area also get powdery mildew, which weakens your tree’s resistance to other types of pest, partiularly aphids.

There are many diseases that target your landscape, and we have options for all of them. Call or click today, and we will talk you through.

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