Lawn Maintenance

Whatever your lawn and garden needs, we can provide. Below is a small list of the more popular requests we receive.

Mowing and Maintenance

Please note that we do not offer a “one-time” mowing service.

If you want the nicest lawn and garden on the block, then this is the service you are looking for. We offer a mowing and maintenance service for the length of the season which includes mowing service, trimming and pruning as well as weed removal.


Aerating your lawn allows your grass to receive more water and nutrients faster, thus allowing it to grow thick and healthy. You should consider aerating your lawn if the grass seems slightly yellow or if your lawn takes a while to absorb water after it rains.

Tree and Plant Pruning and Removal

Pruning your trees and plants does more than you think. Obviously it keeps them aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But did you know that proper pruning of your plants can help them grow fuller faster?

As much as it pains us to see it happen we understand that sometimes trees and plants need to be removed for various reasons. We can help with that. We’ll consult with you and decide the most efficient way to remove your unwanted trees and plants.